1946 Gillette Ranger Tech

For those that have never seen one, I thought I would post some pictures of one of the few razors that I own that could actually qualify as “rare”. I don’t really have any information on this razor, nor am I even sure it was referred to as a Ranger Tech, but based on the handle design, it’s probably a pretty safe bet that it was. The case I have mine in is definitely for a 1941 model, and I wouldn’t even know the correct case if I saw it.

Even though the 1941 and 1946 versions look identical, to know that this is not a 1941 model that somebody glued end caps on, you will notice that “PAT NOS ON PACKAGE” is stamped on the blade tray instead of the handle, which is inline with the 1946 Milord.

Notice how much nicer and smoother the nickel plating looks on the 1941 model (which is on the left in each picture).